Arda Village:

The village is located 30 km south of Smolyan. It is located 2 km from the spring of the river. At 3 km from Arda is the state border with the Hellenic Republic. Its average altitude is about 900 - 1000 m. The village is surrounded by wooded ridges, hills and rocky hammers, which keep it from the cold winds in winter, and in the summer - from the hot wind of the Aegean winds.

From the south, as an unchangeable hour, the Ardina peak, towering 1730 m high, At the foot of Ardina peak, under century-old beech, a careful hand put on a sign with the inscription "The Spring of the Arda River." From here comes the largest river in Rodopi, which flows into the Maritsa River near Edirne.

To the east stands the cone-shaped peak Kom, 1570 m high. When a man travels from Smolyan through Kaidenina or from Raikovo through Chokmanovo, his crest stands out brightly and serves the passengers as a landmark.

Prof. Asen Vassilev was born in Arda - a woodcarver of European fame, and the famous singer Valya Balkanska was born in Gudevitsa - one of the pretty neighborhoods of the village. на селото, е родена световноизвестната певица Валя Балканска.

The village of Arda is one of the most preferred destinations for recreation and tourism in this part of the Rhodope Mountains. The region is suitable for hunting, hiking, caving, horseback, hunting and fishing tourism. Many attractive and convenient routes have been created - from the village of Arda to the spring of Arda river, Kom peak, the sanctuary. In Gorna Arda there are also horseback rides, offering horses for a walk along the tourist routes in the area.

You can get detailed information about all the routes, as well as hire a mountain guide from the Arda TIC

Well, it's good for Arda. When a man first enters it, he can not be admired by the view of a dark green chain of peaks and hills, and in front of them the whitewashed whitewashed whitewashed terraced on both sides of the Arda River, among them high willows and poplars, and under their entangled branches, the waters of the river are splashing. Above the river, apart from each other, the three bridges connecting the two parts of the village stretch from one side to another.

In the last ten years rural tourism has developed. The village has a private museum based in the Madjarov House, which is more than 150 years old. The legendary legends and legends are told about the magnificent Mount Kom, elevating the arda over Arda. An ancient sanctuary is found on the top. There is no one who has climbed the top, not to say that the place is loaded with special energy. At the disposal of tourists there are three private hotels and six holiday houses. Hiking trails leading to the springs of the Arda River, Kom peak, Lady and the Sanctuary.

Throughout the year, tourists are offered great opportunities for biking or horseback riding, ski lifts. One of the attractions is the passage through the gardens of Tarzan Gardens. Rock climbing has taken place recently on one of the rocks to the church.