Arda, a flower at the heart of Rodophe!




The village of Arda is an old one village located in Middle-Rodophe place. Situated in a little but picturesqueness valley on two of the levees on Arda River, on 2 km. far away from its spring. 3 km from the border with Greece. On the average adobe sea-level is about 900-1000m. The village is a rounded by woods.

From south unchanged peak hinging body Ardin peak – high 1730 m. By beautiful whether from here you can see shining White Sea. Under the Adrin peak a soft hand is put in place a sign called “The Spring of Arda River”. From here is the birth place of the biggest river in Rodophe mountain, Which is connected to Marica river near Odrin town.

East from here is rising consoling peak Kom, high 1570 meters adobe sea-level. When people travel from Smolyan town through Kainadina or Raikovo through Manastira – Chokmanovo, there you can see all its beauty of Arda village and the secrets of the mountain here.

It is beautiful and shining the village of Arda. When a person visit it for the first time, he could not be surprised by  the majestic views abounding him, the peaks, the meadows and the river is the key factor here for your good vacantion.