At Arda! Nit sun, dream!

If you want:


    • To feel the famous Rodophe hospitality;
    • To meet the most attractive Rodophe parts, incomparable by nature and spirit;
    • To feel the pleasant moments and the power of the nature on 15 marked eco-roads.
    • To lift on alpine trolley or go in some of the biggest caves in the Balkans.
    • To fell like Tarzan at some special made Adventure Park, which rise level of the adrenalin, as the children, as the adults. It is extreme walking by woods and rope bridges on a high of 4-6 meters.
    • To visit a lot of nature and historical landmarks.
    • To enjoy the cozy of the rodophe house with villages yards, vegetable and orchard garden, glassroom and farm with all kinds of animals.
    • To feel the amazing moments and delicious dinners at rodophe nature room and summer garden with mini swimming pool.
    • To enjoy the delicious special surprise rodohe and national eating’s, made in home kitchen by own eco produced products.
    • Walking and cave tourism on marking tourist roads with professional and certificated mountain guides, caves and climbing men’s.
    • Visiting local nature landmarks, like the bird place of Arda river, Kom peak, Kichestia buk, Svetilishteto, the waterfalls, Ardin peak, the caves – “Uhlovitsa”, “Nadarska”, Galoboitsa”, “Garniovitsa” and many more.
    • Historical landmarks, like: Rome roads and birches, architecture complex “Agushevi konaci”, Madzarivata House-museum, old but working spiritual churches, mosques, chapels, schools, and libraries with ages history and more.
    • Visiting of unusual plans and animal types.
    • Taking place of famous rodophe Sedyanka, with singing songs, playing dances and games.
    • We have a horse base for riding.
    • The famous rodophe cheverme or picnics on spaciel made places by the eco roads;
    • Bicycles and ATV rental.
    • By the winter- there is ski lift with own equipment.
    • Photosafary, hunting and fishing depending by the season.
    • Pinking herbs, mushrooms and fruits.
    • Summer garden with barbeque and place for rest.
    • A place for childrens games.